FourFifty The Well

Nestled within a thriving pedestrian-focused community, FourFifty The Well offers an array of captivating amenities steps from your doorstep. Indulge in premier shopping destinations, savor a diverse culinary scene, and unwind amidst thoughtfully curated green spaces. This Purpose-Built Rental community has the perfect space to accommodate your needs for any occasion.

This unique community features a design-forward approach that embodies the essence of modern luxury and catering to young professionals looking to embrace a vibrant urban lifestyle. A neutral, monochromatic base colour palette is juxtaposed with layers of colourful furniture and a visually arresting collection of 52 curated art pieces that combine to create a whimsical atmosphere. The expansive amenities space is designed to extend residents living space beyond their suite and encourage connection and community amongst neighbors. The spatial organization allows for flexibility of use as each amenity space can be used individually or as an interconnected experience based on the function required.

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The study, a meticulously crafted space that caters to various work styles, offers both individual and collaborative workspaces with side nooks and a large conference table. In the dining room, residents are met with a modern, dramatic design that features pattern, texture, and natural hues set against black marble and warm metallics. Disco mushrooms climb the walls and ceiling, casting light across the spacious dining area while a full kitchen with an island for food prep and an adjacent lounge complete the space for dining and cocktails.