Rhythm is a purpose-built rental community that delivers a truly unique living experience in Ottawa with an elevated level of finishing and customization. Situated in a pocket of vibrant, growing neighborhoods, equipped with infrastructure and a proximity to the downtown core, this community is situated in a favourable location for the millennial and gen z demographic it was designed for.

The project began with a strong brand presence that guided the team. In the lobby, an impressive 3-dimensional fin installation along the ceiling, draws attention to the double height space and is a direct representation of the wave pattern, a recognizable element of the Rhythm brand that provided inspiration throughout the visioning process. The base design at Rhythm is a timeless, mid-tone monochromatic look, full of warm wood and terrazzo, that feel comforting and familiar. Eye-catching details such as custom wall graphics, bright furniture, and dynamic patterns are layered onto the neutral base, paying homage to a retro pop art feel and delivering a vibrant environment for this energized community.

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Residents are treated to a premium and expansive floor of amenity offerings including a large pre drink lounge, multiple game rooms, fitness centre and an activated outdoor space. The amenities floor, is entirely separated from residential space, allowing for privacy and a more active and shared environment feeling. It contains an abundance of colour, pattern, and texture, all selected with durability in mind, in addition to neon signage and light fixtures that provide a fun nod to a nightlife bar scene that captures energy of the community.