Located on the edge of a forested ravine running through sweeping green parkland, SXSW is all about resort-style living. SXSW offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, as well as elegant suites and amenities that create a holistic connection between outdoor and indoor spaces.

The approach of the interior design is to bring a sense of vacation to everyday life, with shared spaces that evoke the energetic feel of a resort. Designed with wellness in mind, the aim is to create a comfortable, social atmosphere that promotes health and comfort through organic materials and a connection to others and to nature. The lobby at SXSW is designed to evoke a hotel-like feeling, where people can meet and feel connected to each other and the community. A grand two-storey reception area welcomes you in and is open to the adjacent amenities, which allows for easy movement between zones.

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Seating areas, shared workspaces, and private meeting rooms also feature natural materials such as wood, marble, and glass. A private party room includes an impressive fireplace which emphasizes the high ceilings, as well as a terrace that bridges the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. SXSW also incorporates greenery throughout the amenity spaces, such as a lush green wall in the reception area that is a visually impressive work of natural art.

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Figure3 Principal Dominic De Freitas discusses the design inspiration for SXSW.

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