Penguin Shop

After successfully designing Penguin Random House’s new Canadian headquarters, we were tasked with designing an Instagram-friendly retail space in a footprint of just 158 sq ft.

With a brief to create something that read like a departure from a traditional bookstore, we set to work creating something delightful. We believe in coupling deep insight with creative vision to transform spaces that deliver real value. Starting with our core principles of good retail design, we sought to create a store that would be open and social, compelling, engaging, and constantly evolving.

Penguin Shop with large scale Penguin logo on wall and pullout shelves printed with Penguin book spines

Outsized impact, compact square footage

Rotate Your Device Penguin Shop, shelves pulled out, shoppers looking at books

Outsized book spines create a sense of discovery when they reveal curated selections

Floating ledges, immersive displays, and mobile bookshelves all serve to showcase a carefully curated selection of titles and merchandise.

Oversized, pantry-style pull out storage glides out on a ceiling-mounted rail system to reveal books and branded swag. Wrapped in magnetic vinyl designed to resemble book spines, the space can quickly be re-skinned, creating an affordable way to keep the store constantly evolving. The modest footprint is anchored by a branded backlit wall and movable display units that allow product to be positioned outside the shop front, inviting passersby to venture in.

Rotate Your Device Penguin Shop logo wall next to shelving and tables displaying books and Penguin merchandise
Rotate Your Device Penguin Shop rendering showing how shelves pull out
"We love clients who are brave and daring enough to do something boldly different. For Penguin, it's really paid off."
Mardi Najafi
Shortlisted for a prestigious FX Design Award