Cachet Homes

Cachet Homes, a residential developer, found themselves in need of a new, inspiring office space as their team expanded, outgrowing their current environment. To achieve this, the team engaged Figure3 and embarked on a transformative journey, repurposing a unique industrial warehouse building into an innovative workspace.

Central to the design concept was the desire to foster a sense of community within the office, mirroring Cachet's approach to building residential communities. Communal spaces, such as meeting rooms and a café area, were strategically dispersed among dedicated work zones. The layout was meticulously planned to facilitate easy navigation, with the use of carpeted pathways guiding employees through the space, punctuated by collaborative touch-down zones to encourage interaction. A standout feature was the play on ceiling heights. Lowered finished drywall in client-facing areas seamlessly transitioned into high, open deck ceilings in the employee workstation zone, creating visual interest and depth throughout the space.

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Throughout the design process, a natural and architectural materials palette was employed to achieve a clean and simple aesthetic in line with the client's vision. The key was striking the right balance between raw elements and polished finishes. This meant preserving features like concrete floors and open joist ceilings in some areas while incorporating more refined millwork details in others, effectively moving away from a traditional office model. The design was characterized by soft curves, evident in features like the curved boardroom glazing and custom lighting that enveloped the exterior as well as curved millwork details. Wood tambour finishes further contributed to the cohesive flow of the space, adding warmth and character. The result was a space that embodied their values of innovation, collaboration, and community-building.