Bond Brand

As you move through Bond Brand Loyalty’s new downtown Toronto office the playful, flexible space unfolds into a highly collaborative environment that aims to translate loyalty into the physical space.

As a company that focuses on creating customer centric growth for their clients, Bond Brand Loyalty was looking to move their operation from Mississauga to downtown Toronto and engaged Figure3 to design a space that supports a hybrid work model, encourages collaboration, and celebrates the character and values of their brand. With a minimalist white and black colour scheme and a sleek linear feel, the new location at 25 King St. provides an inspired backdrop to their unique client process, while infusing a cool hospitality vibe that has successfully encouraged staff to head back into the office.

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Flexibility is at the core of the layout, allowing for the space to adapt and transform based on the needs of the team. A large social space on the 20th floor features cool mint tiled walls and large harvest tables alongside booth seating; reminiscent of urban eatery. The environment feels very chic, while still providing a casual, comfortable atmosphere. The smooth, polished concrete floors and white walls are set against biophilic elements and rich textiles in browns, greys and greens that add warmth and dimension to the space. Large glass panels divide the floorplan into various zones, while still allowing an abundance of light to penetrate the interior zones.

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