The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation had a vital mission for their new office: to create a work environment that reflects their passion and courage to conquer cancer in our lifetime. As part of this mission, the new space was to enable the team to collaborate and innovate to accelerate fundraising and serve as a platform to recruit and retain the best talent in fundraising.

To do this, the design team focused on a number of key concepts throughout the design process: elements of nature, colour, pattern and flow. The design is carefully curated to take staff, partners and guests on a visual journey exploring wellness, creativity and movement. Careful placement of built-out spaces, offices and meeting rooms are intentionally detailed with glass to ensure natural lights shines through. Celebrating nature and life, the use of sustainable materials and biophilia are used, reflecting the energy and pace of the organization.

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The café acts as the central hub for staff to gather and interact throughout the day, and meeting rooms designed to open up into larger spaces so the Foundation can host town halls and staff celebrations.

An activity-based approach promotes movement and supports a variety of tasks suited for individual needs. Split into “neighbourhoods”, flexible workstations provide an alternative to private rooms and offices which in turn, provide more space for each person. Defined pathways act as “sidewalks”, which connect the neighbourhoods to form a collaborative and cohesive network.

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The Smart Cancer Care Co-Design Lab was built for clinicians, designers, and patients to collaborate to redesign how the Foundation can effectively deliver care solutions, while also improving the patient experience.