TELUS approached Figure3 to help them redefine the customer experience and create a new retail environment that would go head-to-head with new and incumbent players.

The goal was to shift consumer mindsets and behaviours from a needs-based transaction to an active, dialogue-based engagement. We undertook four months of customer research leading to a strategic design platform that guided the prototype design, which was aimed at engendering free-flowing interaction.

TELUS Concept Store Laval
Rotate Your Device TELUS Concept Store Laval

We created four customer interaction zones supported with marketing and communications tools and a new staffing model to enhance the customer experience.

Since opening, the success of the new stores has been exceptional; debuting locations have recorded the highest-grossing monthly sales within their Canadian retail network. With non-customers coming in to the store to explore and engage with the products and services, TELUS has seen an explosive 60% in-store sales conversion rate from their key competitors.

Rotate Your Device TELUS Concept Store Laval