South Forest Hill Presentation Centre

The South Forest Hill Presentation Centre stands as a testament to the power of traditional storytelling combined with innovative design, offering an exclusive and memorable experience that truly captures the spirit of the South Forest Hill community.

Inspired by the condo lobby, the design exudes warm sophistication and a welcoming atmosphere. Central to the presentation centre's allure are the individual podiums featuring unique maquette models, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the neighborhood and vividly bringing to life the history and the features of this exclusive residential enclave.

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As guests move through the space, they encounter individual podiums dedicated to specific aspects of the neighborhood. These podiums feature stunning imagery and unique maquette models that highlight the charm, architecture, and distinct characteristics of the community. The experience is enriched with elements of hospitality, such as the activated kitchen vignette that serves as a relaxed seating area, making guests feel integrated into the future residence. Private offices are strategically positioned at the back of the presentation centre to ensure confidentiality and comfort during personal consultations.