BUCA Restaurant

As you approach BUCA Vaughan, you're greeted by its sleek and inviting exterior, immediately capturing your attention. It wasn't just envisioned as a restaurant; rather, it was conceived as a lifestyle-driven destination nestled within one of Vaughan’s premier residential buildings, Transit City.

Inside, the restaurant's design mirrors BUCA’s culinary ethos, promoting transparency while enhancing the space to complement the condominium’s upscale ambiance. With rich wood, dark veined marble, and brushed gold accents, the atmosphere exudes refinement and sophistication, setting the perfect stage for an unparalleled dining experience.

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When Figure3 undertook the BUCA Vaughan project, their goal was to seamlessly integrate a culinary haven into a burgeoning residential landscape. Collaborating with King Street Food Company, BUCA’s parent company, they set the groundwork for a transformative journey, redefining the intersection of residential luxury and culinary indulgence. Serving as interior designers for both the condo and restaurant spaces, Figure3 crafted a cohesive flow, accentuating the unique connection between these areas, infusing vitality into the condo lobby and fostering a sense of community in the restaurant experience.