The drama of Adagio will soon unfold in Toronto’s Yorkville at the site of one of Canada’s first ballet schools, once led by Russian emigré and ballet master, Boris Volkoff. The designs at Adagio not only embrace this artistic heritage, but celebrate it in luxurious and sophisticated fashion.

Residents will experience a sense of theatre upon entering Adagio. The lobby is intimate with a fireplace, plush seating, and the use of drapery to set the mood, with each enclave telling a different story. An oversized circular mirror puts residents at centre stage, and designs are inspired by the art of ballet, with curved arches resembling a balletic movement, and light fixtures evoking that of a ballerina’s tutu. Paying homage to Volkoff’s distinct style, a vignette of scenes from one of his plays can be seen spread across the lobby wall.

The dramatic lobby at the Adagio in Yorkville
Rotate Your Device Glamorous bar and lounge area at the Adagio

Rich jewel tone colours, brass elements, and indirect lighting play a role in creating the theatric feel of the spaces at Adagio, along with whimsical yet sophisticated furniture selections. The atmosphere of the bar and lounge is glamorous and moody. Tenants will feel as if they’re entering a speakeasy in the 1920’s with high-end, curated accessories. The amenity package also includes an entertainment lounge, dining room, co-working space, pet spa, fitness centre, and ballet barre studio.

Rotate Your Device People relaxing in the lounge at the Adagio in Yorkville