One Global Design Summit Heads Across the Pond

July 2, 2024 / min read

Marketing and Communications Manager


Principal Eric Yorath recently returned from this year’s ONE Global Design (OGD) Annual Summit which brings together OGD partner powerhouses under one roof.

This year’s summit was located in London, UK, hosted by TP Bennett, who thoughtfully curated a lively celebration of design, seamlessly blending intellectual dialogues with engaging and fun experiences that immersed attendees in London’s vibrant essence.

Highlights from the Conference:

  • AI in Design: Exciting demonstrations on how design firms are leveraging AI in various areas of business, including design visualization, programming and space analysis, and creative writing.
  • Global Dynamics Presentation: David Gilmore from Design Intelligence gave a fantastic presentation on “Global Dynamics – Near and Intermediate Effects of Geopolitical & Economic Happenings.”
  • Marsh McLennan Tour: A fantastic tour and panel discussion at Marsh McLennan’s new London headquarters highlighted how hospitality continues to influence progressive office design.
  • OGD ESG Taskforce Presentation: Addressed clients growing demand for design firms to demonstrate a more robust commitment to sustainable design and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies.

The event also welcomed new partners, PDR and SL&A, enhancing our global footprint and collective force:

  • PDR: With three locations in Texas.
  • Steven Leach Group: With eight offices throughout Asia.

Figure3 looks forward to more incredible learning and collaborations through the power of the One Global Design community.

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Marketing and Communications Manager


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