10 of the best podcasts about office culture, city building and retail

August 28, 2017 / min read

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Podcasts, a portmanteau of the words “broadcasting” and “iPod”, are simply a way of broadcasting audio files from the internet.

They’ve been around since the ‘80’s, started to become more common place with the rise of portable MP3 players and smartphones and right now they’re really having a moment.

We love them because it’s an easy way to consume quality content almost anywhere. Pretty much every phone comes with some built-in way to access them; while apps like Stitcher allow you to create a personalised, on-demand radio.

We’ve rounded up some of the best podcasts that cover corporate real estate, office culture, city building, urbanism, condo development, and retail.

Real Estate

Bloomberg Real Estate Report

Why we like it

This podcast features interviews with real estate experts of every stripe; brokers, investors, architects, Bloomberg reporters, and economists. It also covers every aspect of the real estate market from corporate to residential to retail.

Although news and analysis are very US focused, it still offers a lot of food for thought.

CRE Podcast

Why we like it

100% focused on the Canadian CRE market. A recent interview with CoStar covered a ton of in depth information about what they’re up to here in Canada but also touched on the foreign buyer tax, the introduction of multi-floor industrial and retail developments and urban sprawl.

Episodes feature an interviewee as well as up to the minute market news from across the country. Required listening.

Workplace Culture

Bloomberg Game Plan

Why we like it

Two Bloomberg reporters tackle a multitude of issues and challenges that come up at the place where we spend a third of our lives.

Some episodes feel more relevant than others; the conversation around how the working family has changed but the workplace hasn’t led to some spirited conversations in the office. We also loved the episode on how to have perfect meetings because no one needs another meeting that could have been an email.

Workplace Matters

Why we like it

This one comes out of the UK but they do a good job of touching on topics that carry a universal relevance.

Some episodes might be for the corporate office design nerds out there. There’s a long conversation about Robert Propst, the inventor of the iconic Herman Miller Action Office System.

City Building and Urbanism

Invisible City

Toronto’s Chief City Planner Jennifer Keesmaat has launched her own podcast that digs into what it takes to make a city good…or bad. She does an excellent job of highlighting all the players who have key roles to play in the building of cities. Of course, with her policy background, she brings a huge amount of experience to bear on the conversation and illuminates the invisible forces that shape our cities.

99% Invisible

Why we like it

A fascinating look at all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about it, like how a building’s architecture affects how we feel both inside and outside the building and what we can learn from architecture’s least desired award – The Carbuncle Cup.

Monocle’s The Urbanist

Why we like it

If episode titles like “The New Urban Crisis”, “Toronto’s missing middle” and “Sensory Urbanism” sound interesting to you then you’ll love this podcast from the Monocle magazine stable.

In keeping with the magazine’s approach, they take a very international approach to the stories they choose to highlight, which helps keep us out of our echo chamber of just focusing on what’s happening locally.

Urbanize This

Why we like it

Co-hosts Matthew Slutsky and Ara Mamourian discuss the pressing and time-relevant issues affecting Toronto and other cities around the world. Topics are always interesting; they get into questions like “can you raise a family in a condo?” (Spoiler: YES) and why Toronto doesn’t have a Chief Architect.

Toronto Condo Market

The True Condos Podcast

Why we like it

Realtor and investor Andrew la Fleur hosts a podcast with a laser focus on the (booming) Toronto condo market. He covers a range of talking points from changes in mortgage rules to renting your investment condo. He often profiles specific developments getting the behind-the-scenes details which we always enjoy listening to.

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